The Shepherd's Staff

The Hughes Family

   Dr. Randy and Judy Hughes live at Chapel Hill, one of the homes on Shepherd's Rest.

   In 2012 Randy retired from the ministry where he served as a Baptist minister in Texas for over forty years.  During that time he pastored four churches, most recently Emmanuel Baptist Church in Waco. Now that he's retired, he spends much of his time working on the farm. His list of projects stays long as we add to the list even as he's marking things off. 

    Randy feels a strong calling to minister to the needs of his fellow Christian servants.  During his ministry he has experienced or observed many of the stresses that drive people out of professional ministry.  His desire is to help others extend their ministry years. He is always available for an encouraging chat to anyone needing a listening ear .  

    Judy is the idea person of the farm. Many of the projects on Randy's list start out as ideas in Judy's mind. She's an active wife, mother, and grandmother. In addition to coming up with projects for us all, Judy is a professional educator. She also writes Sunday School material for internationals and low-level readers and conducts training workshops for churches desiring to begin literacy ministries.

The Barker Family

Mark, Amy, Joshua, Vivian, and Andrew Barker live at the Cedars, the other home on Shepherd's Rest. 
     Mark works as a Business Analyst for McLane Company. He loves cutting or trimming trees then burning the brush piles. He is also always on the lookout for rocks, the bigger the better!
     Amy homeschools their three children and looks after house and farm.  She is the daughter of Randy and Judy. Amy knits, bakes bread, makes soap and cosmetics, and occasionally updates this website. 

Our Story

After discovering unexpectedly a shared dream, our two families began looking for land in the early spring of 2006.  Our list of requirements included 15-30 acres, trees, a pond or creek, road access, and, of course, beauty, at a price we could afford.   As neither family expected to leave jobs to pursue this dream, we also needed land within driving distance of both Waco and Killeen, Texas.  Amazingly, God led us to land with tons of potential, fulfilling all our wishes and then some!


If you are interested in visiting our farm, please contact us to work out a good time to have you come. We would love to get to know you!  

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"I myself will tend my sheep, and cause them to lie down in peace." says the Sovereign Lord.  Ezekiel 34:15

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